Multi-layer PCB Capabilities

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Outer and inner layer tolerance limits

A: Material thickness <0.8mm, min. 0.2mm via holes, else >0.8mm min 0.3mm via holes B: Can be landless on outer layer


Design Rules Check for Inner layers can be ambiguous!

For inner layers a design rules check called “clearance trace to plated hole edge”  is not always interpreted in the same way. See the above illustration immediately left of lower part of via hole A in green color. The double arrow marks the correct clearance distance to 200 (um).  It must not be measured from the inner edge of the hole, which would be the result if plated (finished) hole size is used.

CAD systems however usually work with finished hole sizes which means that with 150 um (6 mil) over-size drill to allow for plating, 3 mil each side, a setting for this parameter of 200 um will leave 125 um to pass which is not safe to manufacture. The setting must be increased with the 75 um difference which brings it to 275 um, unless CAD system setting allows for this which is unusual.  Serious amounts of rework or unusable layouts can result if this is not checked and corrected before a new CAD system is used.

Detailed Capability Information

Pad Size for Laser Drilling10 mil (Drill depth <65um), 11 mil (Drill depth <100um)6 mil8mil± 0.05mm1.5 mil

Shipco Circuits Ltd.   PCB Manufacture Capabilities 2012
Material Type RCC Material Copper thickness 12um, Resin thickness 65 and 100um
LDPP (Laser Drill Prepreg Material) IT-180A 1037(2.0 mil), IT-180A 1086 (3.0 mil)
FR4 Tg minimum 130 S1144       –  standard for 2 layer FR4 Tg minimum 145 S1141 150  – minimum Tg for lead free multilayer Halogen Free Material FR4 Tg minimum 130 S1155 Halogen Free Material  FR4 Tg minimum  170 S1165   – for SMT prototypes if repeat soldering of components expected                  High Tg provides excellent pad bond strength High Tg Material FR4 FR408, IT180A, PLC-370HR, N4000-13, N4000-13SI Hydrocarbon Ceramic High Frequency Material Rogers 4350, Rogers 4003, Arlon 25FR, Arlon 25N PTFE High Frequency Material Rogers Series, Taconics Series, Arlon Series, Nelco Series PTFE Bonding Film RO3001 (1,5mil), HTI.5 (1,5mil), Cuclad 6700 (1,5mil)
PTFE Prepreg Model Gore Speed Board C ( 1.5, 2.0, 2.2, 3.4mil) Taconic TPG-30, 32, 35 ( 4.5, 5.0mil )
Production Type Rigid Board Backplane, HDI, Blind & Buried via, Buried Capacitance, Buried Resistance, Electrical source thick copper, Back Drilling
Lamination Model Blind&Buried via Type Mechanical Blind&Buried via with less than 3 times laminating
HDI Type ( RCC and LDPP ) 1+n+1, 1+1+n+1+1, 2+n+2(Buried via<0.3mm; only for RCC) The Laser Via can be filled with resin or copper
Surface Finish Lead Free finishes: HASL lead free, Flash Gold (Base copper <1oz, ENIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP, Hard Gold Plating
ENIG+OSP, ENIG+G/F, Flash Gold+G/F, Immersion Silver+G/F, Immersion Tin+G/F, ENEPIG
Lead finish only: HASL   (also now called Tin/Lead HASL)
Surface Plating or coating solder thickness (HASL) 2-40um ( minimum 0,4um on large area for HASL!)
 thicknesses Flash Gold Ni:2.5-5um, Au>0.025um
  ENIG Ni:2.5-5um, Au 0.05-0.1um
Immersion Tin Tin >= 1.0um
Immersion Silver Silver: 0.1-0.3um
OSP 0.2-0.3um
Hard Gold Plating Au  max 2.5um
ENEPIG For soldering: Ni:3-5um Pd:0.05-0.1um Au:0.03-0.05um
For gold wire bonding: Ni:3-5um Pd:0.1-0.15um Au:0.07-0.15um
Carbon Thickness 0.10-0.35mm
Solder Mask Thickness 10-18um ( On copper area) 5-8um ( On via pad and line corner)
Peelable Solder Mask Thickness 0.20-0.50mm
Hole Hole Size(finished) Mechanical Drilling 0.10-6.5mm
A Min. Hole size is 0.25mm for PTFE Material
B The hole size is less than 0.30mm for blind & buried via
C The hole size is less than 0.30mm for plugging hole with solder mask in pad
D Min. Connection Hole size 0.35mm
E The hole size range is 0.10-0.40mm for plugging with resin
Hole Size(finished) Laser Drilling A The blind hole size range is 0.075-0.15mm for plugging with resin
A The blind hole size range is 0.075-0.127mm for filling plating
Aspect Ratio Max PCB THK 1.2mm for mecanical drilling tool diameter 0.15mm
Max PCB THK 0.6mm for mecanical drilling tool diameter 0.10mm
<16:1 (Tooling size >0.2mm)
Hole Position Tolerance ± 3 mil PTH Size Tolerance ± 3 mil Press PTH Size Tolernace ± 2 mil NPTH Size Tolerance ± 2 mil ( Limited tolerance +0/-2 mil or +2/-0 mil )
The realation between hole size(finished) 0.1mm & 0.15mm (board THK<1.6mm), 0.2mm (board THK<2.4mm )
for plugging with resin and board thickness 0.25mm (board THK<2.8mm ), 0.3mm (board THK<3.2mm )
Min Laser Drill Hole Size 0.10mm (Laser drill depth <65um), 0.13mm (Laser drill depth <100um)
The Range of Backdrill Hole Size 0.5-6.5mm
The Space of Between the Target Layer <0.20mm
Tolerance of Backdrill Dept ±0.10mm
Countersink Size and Angle Special drill bit: angle 82º, 90º, 120º (Hole size 0.3-10mm)
Normal drill bit: angle 130º (3.175mm), 165º (3.175-6.5mm)
Countersink Angle Tolerance ±0.10º Countersink Hole Size Tolerance ±0.20mm Countersink Depth Tolerance ±0.15mm Slot Size Tolerance for Routing ±0.15mm Depth Tolerance for Blind NPTH Slot Routing ±0.10mm Pad size Min.
Min. Pad Size for Mecanical Drilling 14 mil (via 8 mil, Base copper 0.5oz and 1.0oz), 20 mil (via 8 mil, Base copper 2oz), 24 mil (via 8 mil, Base copper 3oz)
Min Pad Size for BGA 7 mil
 Pad Size Tolerance +5% -10%
Line Width Inner Layer 1/3-1/2oz: 3/3 mil
Line Space 1oz: 3/4 mil
Capability 2oz: 5/5 mil
3oz: 6/7 mil
4oz: 7/11 mil
5oz:       10/16 mil
Outer Layer Base copper 1/3oz(12um): 3/3 mil
Base copper 0.5oz / 3.5/3.5 mil
Base copper 1oz / 4.5/5 mil
Base copper 2oz / 6/8 mil
Base copper 3oz / 8/14 mil
Base copper 4oz / 10/16 mil
Base copper 5oz / 12/20 mil
Line With Tolerance <10 mil: ±1.0 mil
>10 mil: ±1.5 mil
Space Min gap between hole wall to line
(Blind and buried via PCB) 9 mil ( 2 or 3 times lamination)
Min gap between hole wall to line
(None blind and buried via PCB 6 mil (<8 layre), 8 mil (<14 layer), 9 mil (<28 layer)
Min gap between laser to line (HDI PCB)
Min gap between outline and pattern
for no copper exposure after routing 8 mil
V-CUT no copper exposure, distance
between V-cut line and Circuit (mm) H<1.0mm: 0.3 (20º ), 0.33 (30º ), 0.37 (45º ), 0.42 (60º )
1.0 <H<1.6mm: 0.36 (20º ), 0.4 (30º ), 0.5 (45º ), 0.6 (60º )
1.6 <H<2.4mm: 0.42 (20º ), 0.51 (30º ), 0.64 (45º ), 0.8 (60º )
2.5 <H<3.0mm: 0.47 (20º ), 0.59 (30º ), 0.77 (45º ), 0.97 (60º )
Min width for the Isolation Tape Innerlayer 8mil
Min gap between hole wall (Same Net)
Min gap between pads for Immersion Gold 4 mil
Min gap between Gold fingers 6 mil
Min gap between pads for HASL 7 mil (10 mil on large copper area)
Min gap between Peelable soldermask and pad 16 mil Min gap between Legend and Pad 6 mil Min gap between Carbone Pads 15 mil Metal Base No of Metal base PCB Layer 2-4 layer PCB Outline Machining dimension tolerance (including blind slot depth)
Surface finish of PCB HASL, Flash Gold (Base copper<1oz), ENIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP, Hard gold plating, ENEPIG
Surface finish of Metal Base Cu: Ni&Au Plating, Al: Anodic oxidation, Hard anodic oxidation coating, Chemical passivation
Thermal Conductivity 1- 4 W/mK
Metal Base PCB Prebonding, Postbonding, Agglomerate Metal PCB technics, Metal core PCB, Buried Metal
Others Min Core thickness 0.05mm (No blind and buried via PCB), 0.13mm (blind and buried via PCB)
No. Of PCB Layers 2 – 40
PCB thickness 0.13 – 7.0mm (If the boards THK<0.5mm, the panel size must be<18 inch)
Max. Board size 23 x 35 inch
Register tolerance between layers <5 mil
PCB thickness tolerance Thickness<1.0mm: ±0.1mm
Thickness>1.0mm: ±0.10%
Special PCB THK tolerance (Not include special layer by layer space demand)
Thickness<2.0mm: ±0.1mm, Thickness 2.1 – 3.0mm: ±0.15mm
Imedance tolerance ± 5Ω (<50Ω), ±10% (>50Ω), >50Ω can be ± 5%
Outline dimension tolerance  ± 0.1mm
Outline location tolerance  ± 0.1mm
Min. varpage 0.10 %
Max.finished copper on inner layer 10oz
Min. isolation thickness between layer 2 mil (only for base copper 0.5oz)
Min. Legend width and gap Legend width: 4 mil, Legend high: 23 mil (for 12um and 18 um base copper)
Min. Internal radius 0.3mm
V-CUT angle tolerance ± 5º
V-CUT symmetrical tolerance ± 4 mil
V-CUT rest thickness tolerance ± 4 mil
Outline Machining Routing: V-CUT, Tab connecting, Stamp holes
Min. Solder mask bridge width 4 mil (for green), 5 mil (for other colors), If base copper <1oz can be 5 mil, If base copper 2 – 4oz can be 6 mil.
Min width of Solder mask cover line(Single side)
Solder mask color Green, Yellow, Black, Blue, Red, White, Matte Green
Legend color White, Yellow, Black
Angle tolerance of Gold finger ±5º
Rest thickness tolerance of Gold finger chamfer ±5 mil
Max Test voltage 500V
Max Test currency 200mA
Legend print mark type(only for white color) Serial number, Bar code, Planar code